An apple a day.

I think the hardest thing about shedding weight is keeping it off. Usually people loose tons of weight quickly to then go and put it straight back on again.

For me I have not met my ideal weight. I am a size 14 and although some will say I look healthy. I do not feel it yet.  Personally for me my ideal weight is a size 12. Everyone is different.

You could say I have become stuck in a dieters block. Where I went from shedding weight daily to simply not being able to  loose any weight at all. This is where I am right now.

So what do we do when our body’s just stops. Well for me its time for me to analyse what it is I am eating and what it is I am not eating and eat more of the right foods instead.

I have decided to keep a food diary for a week or two and then make additional changes. What I have noticed with myself is I have been snacking A LOT. This is  mainly on crisps and Doritos. Crisps are very fatty and they are high in calories. I will also eat the occassional cake or two.

This is something in the past I would never buy or eat. This was something I would only keep for guests then I would eat something healthy instead in front of them.

Snacking is good as long as it is healthy snacking like rye bread and light cheese spreads, fruits but not too much because too much sugar is fattening. Snack on  fibre rich foods. An apple. Wheatabix was my favourite fibrous snck. A diary snack would be fresh low fat plain yogart with fruit or musli.

I still use stevia as an alternative to sugar. Speaking of sugar I have noticed I’ve been drinking way too many smoothies and too much fruit juice and not enough water.

Drinking water is the quickest way to loose weight. Its all about consuming less calories. So calorie counting. Eating plenty of salads and driking gallons of water is brilliant in this hot summer weather.

Look on the packets of food stuff and look at the traffic light labelling. Find foods that are low in sugar and fats and saturates. As long as these are not  labelled red. Its so fun label reading.

I will keep you posted on my food diary what I have been eating and  my adjustments what I am now eating.. and the nutritional health benefits or disadvantages.

I want to eat well for good health too you know. Not just only just for the sake of loosing the pounds. Oh yes and don’t forget to cut down your portion sizes if you really want to shed those pounds…. snack on a apple. The old saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

All the best folks.


Why loose weight 

When I put on the weight. I was a size 16 going onto 18 and I know I stated that excercise is not necessary for loosing weight I still agree with that exception because when I  actually started loosing the weight is when I stopped exercising. I did it through diet. Which can be done easily by changing your diet.  As I stated in one of my posts it also  takes discipline.

However doing excercise and keeping active will help shed the pounds even more.  Doing excercise helps because of the positive effect it has on  the mind. You get that general feel good feeling  and mental clarity and along with dieting shed the weight quicker.  

The reason why this post is important is because. 
It’s a personal perspective of when I was overweight and why I would not eat that way again. My weight gain was due to ignorance and illness. However with education and better a relationship with food one  can transform the body. It is possible.

I think I must first say to eat in moderation particularly frozen oven  food and fast food which includes take -away. I would STAY AWAY from these types of food. If you want to put on weight quickly I would say eat this way. A dear friend of mine was my main bad influence often eating oven food and take away food. Eating take away  food three times a day. This was a mixture of kebabs, pizza, Chinese partucurly sweet and source chicken with egg friend rice and Fizzy drinks. These all contain a high percent a ridiculous amount of sugar and yes salt. Even sweet juices contain hidden salt. Which is determental  to your health   whether you think it is your preference to look bigger it dangerous for you. Your heart your blood pressure and will send you to the grave. 

The sugar content in these foods even pizza and fries most fast foods and oven food especially sauces ketchup and pasta sauces contain too much sugar which is bad for the health. The main cause of diabetes and obesity. 

In Britain we are overeating and eating way more fast food and convinience foods because it is quicker. We are making less healthier choices and over indulging more often than we used to do in the past.  Some may say and I agree with this is that is not enough healthier food options in terms of healthy fast food. 

But the quicker way to eat healthy is to buy all natural ingredients and cook from scratch. Not only is it heathier it’s  cheaper.  But takes time. So it is best to look to some quick healthy recipes. Stir fries are a quick option. With a only a  little olive oil and lots of vegetables. 

Steaming vegetables remember is the best option with quinoa or brown pasta. Its adviseable to cut back on pasta and carbs but do not cut it out of your diet completely it an  essential part of a balanced diet. But limit the amount you eat as it turns to sugar to in the body which can lead to diabetes and it is also bloating and causes weight gain. Replace it with quinoa or cous cous.

I recall the time when I could not bend over and tie my own shoe lace this is an awful place to be in. I would also walk and be out of breath minutes later.  I started walking. Excercise can be fun. I walked around my block  through the park. I also started swimming during the summer. I found that so enjoyable.   think of  excercise that is fun like badminton and swimming jogging walking or riding a bike.

I went from a size 10 to 12 to a size 16 to 18. Now I am down to a size 14 so I have lost a lot of weight. You can do it too. I will fill you in on more ways to loose weight from my experience on how I lost it. 
Happy new year 

Natalie xxx 

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Reflections of a manicurist  


Nails in trend 2016.

I used to work as a manicurist In London Bond Street and it’s amazing how many nail Polish colours would go in and out of trend.

And despite what was in at the time some colours would remain popular like wine reds and matts as well as the more natural rose Polish  brushed over the entire nail for a plain and simple but classic  French manicure.  I tell you french manicures have come a long way since then,where a natural rose Polish was applied to the nail bed and a white Polish for the tip.

I still worked with UV gels. Gel applications over the natural nail. That was my fortay. The system used was bio sculpture. Which is still very popular and impressive. However now seen in salons is shelac.
I did not however become a nail technician. The strong toxic smell used to put me off. I developed mild asthma while working on the nail bar because of the chemicals used by the other girls who were nail technicians.  But I still loved the look of acrylic nails and used to get my own done by the girls when I  had time which was usually never. Because it was so busy.

Working in Bond Street on a nail bar was fast paced. It was in and out next,  next. I saw so many hands and faces and worked on so many nails. I often  worked through my lunch breaks most days or had lunch very late. I was a perfectionist at UV Gels still am.
But in those days what would usually be what was imperative was using the brush correctly dipping the nail brush into the pot and applying it evenly not too thick otherwise even once cured it would pop off or look ridiculous. Like a blob of glossy plasticine stuck on the  nail.
I hated if the gels overlay curled at the side of the nail plate. That was an unprofessional job and we were trained not to apply the gel next to the walls of the nail. But leave a little gap.

The training was excellent and intensive and  I enjoyed every minute of it. I had to take a plastic hand model home with me to practise applying nail varnish correctly.

You could say I am an expert at applying Polish because of this  training that was drummed into my head as well  as my own training in beauty school to such a high standard that I can sometimes  make poilish look like gel or even acrylic on longer nails.

The trick is to not paint too close to the nail walls or cuticle leave a small gap. On short nails it makes the nail look narrow which is good because it looks longer. Always use a based coat and a good top coat. Opi Essie. I like to use Nails Inc Top coat or Sally Hansen.

While working on the nail bar the colours popular for the summer  were bright yellows and even oranges and electric blues.

The colours for this winter are beige and deep red Berrys even  navy blues pale blues and purple greys. Quite rich and sophisticated celebrity inspired. Or elegant. They go well with faux furs and silks.

My company used to get some girls to work as manicurist for London fashion week. So it was easier to get an idea what was really on trend also to get that on your portfolio was excellent. It would look good on your CV and It would open doors for you.

I loved working as a manicurist In Bond Street  what I liked was meeting new people and doing a professional nail job. I met a lot of celebrities and I  did a news readers nails who worked on sky news. Sorry I can’t remember what colour Polish she went for. I simply gave her a fiile cleaned up her cuticles, gave her a lovely luxurious hand massage and a Polish.

Oh yes and I loved being given tips. Wasn’t too keen on pedicures only because it was heavy work. But that’s for another post. I’m definitely polishing my nails for my new years party. I’m going for a navy blue.
Blessings and a happy new year

Natalie xxx
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I now picture myself healthy and slender. 

Hi everyone I wanted to discuss weight loss. It’s after Christmas and we are heading into the new year. We’ve all eaten too much over the Christmas period and now I’m sure we want to slim down and detox.  One thing I managed to accomplish this year was to loose weight.  I went down a dress size just by dieting. 

Now some people may think this is impossible but it’s not because I achieve it myself.  I didn’t do any painstaking fad diet. I just cut down my portions sizes. In fact I ate my dinner on  a side plate every evening. I did not eat late but early.  I included a lot of vegetables with my meals and smacked on fruit but not too much fruit as that can also be sugary and fattening aswell. 

I guess I ate in moderation and cut out all junk food and sugar laden cakes and drinks, chocolates and sweets. I had to be super discipline.  I ate ryvita bread and light cheese spreads. Cut out breads but still ate them on occasions just the wholemeal brown versions and brown rice I swapped for quinoa. I stopped eating  cheese ate mainly Wheatabix  cereal as a snack when I felt hungry.  Lots of fish and grilled  chicken.

 I did not eat fried food  and I drank a lot of water and diluted fruit juices. I would not drink carton fruit juices as that contains  a lot of sugar aswell. 

I would have a 150ml of freshly squeezed fruit juice a day. And only that. After a  month or two  I lost weight. I was a size 16 now I am a size 14. I want to keep going till I am a size 12.

 But it was having the will power,  discipline and determination that did it for me . You can not do it until you are ready and certain. Until you’ve made that firm descion in your mind that you want to loose weight. Only then can you loose weight and stick to your eating plan. 

Excercise along with dieting is a bonus however I did not loose the weight by exercising it was mainly dieting.  I also swapped sugar for stevia. Which is a plant. The sugary part of a plant.  It is natural and good for peope with diabetes.  It is also a good alternative to  sugar  as it contains zero calories.  

I believe that I kept to a high fibre and protein diet. I also believe that you can do it too. In the new year or future I want to help people with their weight loss goals and help people loose weight.  Especially people taking  medications. Because it is also possible to loose the weight on certain medications just by following my weight loss tips. It takes discipline. You just have to make your mind up. I wanted to loose weight for health reasons  and to fit into those old jeans I hadnt worn for years.  you can do it too. 

 Affirmation: I now picture myself healthy and slender.
Lots of love for the new year

Natalie xxx  

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clearing out negativity for the new year.

Hi. In my first post I want to talk about spirituality. Okay I’m not an expert on clearing or spirituality. But I have always been a naturally spiritual person. I know God is guiding my life. I pay attention to the laws of the universe. It’s amazing how the universe and God works to always give us our highest good.

I want to talk mainly about clearing work. I did this in the month of December. What led me to do this was that I had some difficult people in my life at the time who were clearly desrespectful towards me. These people were close to me. I’ll share how this negativity was cleared out of my life in this post.

I believe I  am in the process of making some changes in my life that are only positive. I know that God has already made some positive shifts in my life by clearing out the negativity. In regards to the difficult friends in my life. Karma is a bitch and it is interesting that I always seem to get the opportunity to see it after  someone had wronged me. As bitchy as karma is I always feel sympathy for a person when they get their comupance.

But what you put out you get back. What you sow you reap and you had better be prepared to lie in the bed you have made for yourself. These friends were desrespectful towards every,


A positive Christmas and a positive new year

one including myself and arrogant. That is what they put out there and that is what they reaped and got back in the end.

I could have cut them off and not condoned this behaviour but I chose to pray for them  instead. I prayed that they would change, that they would be forced to change. I prayed they’d learn from their mistakes. I prayed for the best for them. I could have been as nasty as them and got my revenge but instead I decided to pray for them.

Some may think it may seem weak to forgive and pray for your enemys but believe me it’s so freeing  and it takes strength. To let God step in a trust him to take care of it all is a real relief.

I was very very angry and I was carrying this anger around with me through my  life and it was making me sick. I was going over what they had said to me in my mind.  While they  getting away with it, it was destroying me. Now these were grown people far older than me who you’d think would have known better. But they didn’t.

I have recently learnt that in any bad situation  you are being taught something. You  are the teacher or you are the student.  In this case we were both being taught and important lesson.  I was being taught how to deal with difficult people wisdom because I lacked assertiveness skills and confidence at times.

They were being taught an important lesson to not think they were above anyone else, especially God. They needed to learn how to be humble. And to learn respect.

I needed to release the anger. I simply did a Louise  Hay excercise. I looked in the mirror and said. I RELEASE YOU (name) AND I SET YOU FREE. I said this for each person. I also did something that helped me even more. I looked in the mirror and said I love you  (name). I forgive you and I set you free and I set myself free.

Automatically I felt better. I had to say these words repeatedly before I felt lighter and much better though. I also did some prayer work and some clearing work with archangel  michael.

You never guess what happen literally a week later things started to shift. These difficult friends started going through a transformations in their lives. They were being uprooted from  their comfort zones. Their very foundations which they based their false confidence on was now being  rocked to the core.

They had no other no other option but to become humble. It was truly extrordinary and it could only be the work of God. They were brought so low. That arrogance was no longer available to them. They were collapsing. They started to change their behaviour.  People told me they’d  only changed because they were going through difficulties don’t trust them.   But I know right away that it was the power of God. That was enough for me. It showed me anyone  and anything could change. And If they hadn’t learnt the lesson now the lesson would keeping showing up until they did. God had now  stepped in and taught them a huge lesson. What spoke volumes was that I knew God had my back. I felt spiritually strong.

I knew the praying the clearing work and the releasing exercises by Louise Hay had worked. It  was amazing. I had put my confidence in God . And he had come through for me. I never expected things to change so quickly. But I knew I was doing all the right things. All along while they were  desrespectful  me I continued to be firm but kind. I kept praying. I refused to stoop to their level and be desrespectful myself. I wanted to keep my composure and continue to be the good person I knew I was. I wasn’t going to allow them to get the better of me.

Now that is Christmas eve and the new year is fast approaching. I belive that things will get even better with my relationship with these people. I am positive because I know I can trust God. I now know how to deal with difficult people now and I do that spiritually now.  Because whatever you put out there goes into motion and  you get it back. I had put out positivity and everything came back to me positively. Things had worked out for the better. Keep spreading positive energy and send it out into the universe and believe me you will get it back. Start the new year on a positive note people.

I am giving my story I got a full apology from one friend and the other friend is treating me with so much respect now. God and the universe had taught them a imporant lesson to be humble.

In this superficial  commercial world that is based on physicality it is so important to get back to you  and the spirit. What  lies within.   Recognise that we need spirituality n God more than ever now. We need the spiritual tools to help us through life. Because the world is governed by spiritual laws despite how it may look on the outside.

All I can say its not  just physical. If you want answers to anything then  look within. And look to spirit which is God. Remember what you put out  comes back to you. Have a positive  new year.

Natalie xxx

creativity is key

My name is Natalie and in this blog I write about my many passions, relationships, spirituality, writing poetry and nutrition and  beauty. Being a beauty therapist, and writer creativity really is key for me. In this creative blog I share my many loves and more with with my readers. I  hope to stimulate and give honest helpful tips on beauty  interesting information on make up and spirituality, relationships and healthy eating. I  slso share my poetry writing. I hope you enjoy reading hummingbirdcreative a blog written by me Natalie.